Batman, Catwoman, Riddler and Joker Noir by Henrik Sahlstrom

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"And for my next trick—"

Elektra & Bullseye
Daredevil #181 (April 1982)
Art by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson
Words by Frank Miller

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1) The Little Mermaid pencil test by Glen Keane   via diehard-disney

2) Tangled pencil test by Glen Keane   via diehard-disney

3) Aladdin pencil test   via diehard-disney

4) Sleeping Beauty pencil test by Marc Davis   via diehard-disney

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6) Xeroxes of Frank Thomas pencil animation for Pinocchio

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7) Peter Pan pencil test by Milt Kahl   via diehard-disney

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9) The Rescuers pencil test by Ollie Johnston   via diehard-disney

10) Alice in Wonderland pencil test by Milt Kahl   via diehard-disney

rough animation»»

Hand drawn animation. Nothing else like it, and no one quite like Disney animators.

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Beverly… Hannibal fans will know what this means. Am I right?

Beverly… Hannibal fans will know what this means. Am I right?